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Duluth News Tribune (January 15, 2022): In Response: Better batteries ‘on the way’ for electric vehicles


Duluth News Tribune (December 6, 2021): Local View: Proposed Tamarack mine poses familiar environmental risks

Star Tribune (November 27, 2021): Planned Minnesota high-grade nickel mine would be U.S. rarity

Duluth News Tribune (November 13, 2021): Aitkin County nickel mine could begin permitting process in 2022

Courthouse News Service (October 27, 2021): Minnesota appeals court hears mine-permit dispute

WTIP North Shore Community Radio (October 23, 2021): Treaty rights under consideration as Lutsen Mountains aims to expand

WTIP North Shore Community Radio (October 19, 2021): Interview with WaterLegacy’s Paula Maccabee about MPCA deregulation of water pollution

Earth Island Journal (October 11, 2021): Tribes’, Activists’ Fight Against Proposed Minnesota Copper Mine Bolstered by Legal Victories

Timberjay (September 8, 2021): Minntac seeks weaker permit for tailings discharge

Aitkin Age (August 28, 2021): Tamarack mining project risks are subject of meeting

Two Harbors Community Radio (July 16, 2021): Interview with WaterLegacy’s Paula Maccabee about the Milepost 7 tailings basin expansion

Duluth News Tribune (June 28, 2021): Court of Appeals says regulators were right to deny US Steel’s challenge of permit

Quetico Superior Wilderness News (June 8, 2021): EPA recognizes PolyMet mine could pollute tribal waters

Fox21 Local News (May 1, 2021): Protests for Clean Water following MN Supreme Court Decision on Mining

Native News Online (April 30, 2021): Minnesota Supreme Court Blocks Mine in Northern Minnesota; Seen as a Victory for Tribes

Quetico Superior Wilderness News (April 30, 2021): Parts of proposed PolyMet project’s mine permit rejected by state Supreme Court

Indian Country Today (April 29, 2021): PolyMet mine project goes ‘boom’

Duluth News Tribune (April 29, 2021): EPA identifies 30 Minnesota wild rice waters exceeding sulfate standards

Star Tribune (April 29, 2021): Minnesota Supreme Court hits pause on PolyMet permit to mine

AP News (April 28, 2021): Supreme Court affirms block of key PolyMet mine permit

Timberjay (April 28, 2021): Both sides claim PolyMet win

Duluth News Tribune (April 24, 2021): Local View: Add prove-it-first to fix Minnesota’s flawed mine permitting

Timberjay (April 21, 2021): EPA inspector finds failure to follow to policy in PolyMet case

Star Tribune (April 21, 2021): EPA botched oversight of permits for PolyMet mine, internal investigation finds

Indian Country Today (April 18, 2021): Score one for wild rice

Quetico Superior Wilderness News (April 17, 2021): EPA says Minnesota can’t ignore wild rice problems caused by mining

Star Tribune (April 9, 2021): Judge approves MPCA changes to water quality standards

Healing Minnesota Stories (April 7, 2021): Fond du Lac Band court victory helps all Minnesotans concerned with clean water

Indian Country Today (April 5, 2021): Fond du Lac Band wins halt to copper mine

Star Tribune (March 19, 2021): U.S. Army Corps suspends wetlands permit for PolyMet copper mine

Healing Minnesota Stories (March 4, 2021): Court rulings on mining pollution highlight MPCA failings

Duluth News Tribune (February 22, 2021): Minnesota Pollution Control Agency considers lifting some water standards (February 17, 2021): 5 Dedicated Organizations Making a Difference in Minnesota

Timberjay (February 17, 2021): MPCA proposes change to clean water rules

Agate (February 13, 2021): Big Plan to Change Minnesota’s Water Quality Rules

Star Tribune (February 10, 2021): Minnesota Supreme Court says state can regulate mine waste seeping into groundwater

Duluth News Tribune (February 10, 2021): Court: Regulators were correct in applying drinking-water standards to groundwater in Minntac permit

LeftMN (February 2, 2021): Lost in Translation

Quetico Superior Wilderness News (January 29, 2021): Proposed changes to Minnesota clean water standards could loosen restrictions on pollution

Duluth News Tribune (January 22, 2021): Does Northshore Mining’s tailings basin expansion require environmental review?

Public Lands Podcast (January 21, 2021): Interview with WaterLegacy’s Paula Maccabee about sulfide mining and its impacts

Duluth News Tribune (January 14, 2021): Bills take aim at copper-nickel mining in Minnesota

Duluth News Tribune (January 6, 2021): Choose this over sulfide mining: renewables, jobs and metals recycling


Duluth News Tribune (December 8, 2020): Local View: Restore our connections to each other, the natural world

Timberjay (July 30, 2020): High Court: Underground seepage from Minntac subject to regulation

Great Lakes Now (June 12, 2020): Conflicted Over Copper: PolyMet copper-nickel mine has been trapped in litigation

Star Tribune (June 11, 2020): Mining politics stall money for Minnesota tribe’s water treatment project

Duluth News Tribune (June 12, 2020): Iron Range board tables Fond du Lac water treatment funding over band’s ‘anti-mining’ stances, band responds

Timberjay (April 29, 2020): High court ruling could impact mining regulations

Minnesota Lawyer (March 26, 2020): Supreme Court agrees to hear PolyMet permit appeal

Timberjay (February 27, 2020): State Supreme Court to hear Minntac case appeal

Duluth News Tribune (Jan 22, 2020): ‘That just doesn’t make any sense’: Former EPA official says Minnesota regulators urged federal agency to refrain from making written comments on PolyMet water permit

MinnPost (Jan 14, 2020): Why the Minnesota Court of Appeals’ PolyMet decision is so significant

MPR News (Jan 13, 2020): Court reverses PolyMet’s key DNR permits; calls for contested case hearing

Timberjay (Jan 13, 2020): Appeals court overturns key PolyMet permits: Orders contested case hearing


Timberjay (December 9, 2019): Court reverses Minntac water permit

StarTribune (December 9, 2020): Minnesota Appeals Court rejects water pollution permit for Minntac

MPR News (December 9, 2019): Court rejects Minnesota’s renewal of U.S. Steel mine permit

Duluth News Tribune (December 9 2019): US Steel’s Minntac water permit reversed

MPR News (November 19, 2019): Judge orders search of MPCA computers in PolyMet challenge

StarTribune (October 24, 2019): Minnesota Court of Appeals keeps PolyMet’s DNR permits on hold

StarTribune (October 23, 2019): Tribe, environmental groups ask Appeals Court to reverse copper mine permits

Duluth News Tribune (October 23, 2019): Court of Appeals weighs PolyMet permits

Timberjay (September 18, 2019): Court of Appeals suspends two more PolyMet permits

Timberjay (September 12, 2019): Email release raises new questions on PolyMet, mining regulation

StarTribune (September 13, 2019): New email deepens mystery over PolyMet water permit

StarTribune (August 7, 2019): Minnesota Court of Appeals puts PolyMet water permit on hold

MPR News (August 6, 2019): Court puts key PolyMet copper-nickel mine permit on hold

StarTribune (July 31, 2019): PolyMet critics say firm relied on engineer connected to mine dam failure in Brazil

StarTribune (July 17, 2019): Leaked memo raises new questions about PolyMet water permit

MinnPost (July 11, 2019): What the legislative auditor will — and won’t — investigate about a key PolyMet permit

CBC News (June 26, 2019): Protesters oppose Minnesota mine at PolyMet AGM in Toronto

MPR News (June 25, 2019): Appeals court, legislative auditor scrutinizing MPCA’s PolyMet water permit

MinnPost (June 21, 2019): PolyMet, the EPA, and the accusations against the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, explained

StarTribune (June 20, 2019): Union says leaked e-mail shows ‘malfeasance’ in regulators’ handling of PolyMet permit

MPR News (June 13, 2019): Newly released documents detail EPA’s concerns over PolyMet

Timberjay (June 5, 2019): U.S. Steel seeks weaker standards for Dark River

Duluth News Tribune (February 22, 2019): Lawsuit filed to obtain EPA documents on state PolyMet permits

Timberjay (February 9, 2019): Groups seek DNR stay on PolyMet dam permit

Timberjay (February 6, 2019): Complaint alleges EPA suppressed comments on PolyMet permit

StarTribune (February 6, 2019): Former EPA lawyer challenges regulators on PolyMet water permit

Duluth News Tribune (February 22, 2019): Judge lifts stay on PolyMet land exchange lawsuit

Timberjay (January 10, 2019): New Minntac permit challenged in court


MPR News (December 1, 2018): State officials issue permit for Minntac tailings basin

Timberjay (July 25, 2018): PolyMet land swap bill derailed

Financial Post/Associated Press (June 8, 2018): Sen. Tina Smith’s amendment would complete PolyMet land swap

MPR News (June 4, 2018): Northern Minn. mine breach leaves messy cleanup

West Central Tribune (May 9, 2018): Dayton vetoes wild rice sulfate bill

Pioneer Press/Associated Press (April 30, 2018): Senate votes to nullify Minnesota wild rice water standard

StarTribune (April 7, 2018): Prospect of growth intensifies debate about PolyMet tailings dam

Timberjay (March 27, 2018): PolyMet’s financial prospects dim

MPR News (March 27, 2018): As PolyMet mine’s costs rise, potential profits called into question

Timberjay (March 7, 2018): Groups seek judge’s review on PolyMet Permit to Mine

MPR News (Jan. 11, 2018): Judge rejects change to Minnesota’s wild rice water standard


Timberjay (August 23, 2017): Nolan’s talk is cheap, Congressman misleads his constituents on merits of copper mining near BWCAW

Timberjay (August 23, 2017): New challenge to PolyMet review could pose legal threat, Canadian expert questions estimates of wetlands loss from water drawdown

Star Tribune (July 20, 2017): Counterpoint: PolyMet is just feeding Minnesotans a line, Breaks down how PolyMet supporters are being disingenuous when they talk reducing our carbon footprint.

Alpha News (July 18, 2017): Land Exchange a Good Deal for Minnesota?, No. WaterLegacy’s Legal Counsel explains why.

MPR News (July 16, 2017): Bill backing PolyMet land swap gets first hearing in Congress, Details the risk to Minnesota taxpayers from the PolyMet land exchange.

Zenith News (July 5, 2017): Land Swap: PolyMet mine has the Forest Service over a barrel and environmental lawyers are calling shenanigans, WaterLegacy talks opposition to PolyMet’s “sweetheart deal” with the USFS.

Timberjay (July 3, 2017): Environmental group seeks additional PolyMet review, More on WaterLegacy’s call for a fresh review of the PolyMet project.

Mesabi Daily News (June 29, 2017): Environmental Group Wants PolyMet Reviewed, WaterLegacy says changes to the PolyMet project evident in the permit applications necessitate a new environmental review.

Duluth News Tribune (June 29, 2017): Environmental group says changes in PolyMet mining plan are significant, What changed between the final EIS of PolyMet’s mining project and their permit applications? Lots.

MinnPost (June 29, 2017): Environmental group calls for new PolyMet review in light of plan changes, MinnPost links to AP WaterLegacy story.

Star Tribune (June 29, 2017): Environmentalists criticize changes to PolyMet mine design, WaterLegacy discusses the changes to the PolyMet project between the FEIS and permitting and the need for a new environmental review.

MinnPost (February 7, 2017): Lawsuit against PolyMet land exchange raises potent issue of taxpayers’ rights, Ron Meador breaks down why WaterLegacy’s lawsuit is a problem for PolyMet.

Timberjay (February 3, 2017): Lawsuit: PolyMet got a ‘sweetheart deal’ on USFS land exchange, Details the potential fallout from WaterLegacy’s lawsuit against the Forest Service.

Duluth News Tribune (January 30, 2017): Second lawsuit filed against PolyMet land exchange, Announcement of WaterLegacy’s lawsuit against the Forest Service over the PolyMet Land Exchange.

Star Tribune (January 30, 2017): Suit claims swap with PolyMet grossly undervalued public land, Details the reasons behind WaterLegacy’s Lawsuit over the PolyMet Land Exchange.

MPR News (January 30, 2017): Environmental groups launch second legal challenge over PolyMet land exchange, More on the WaterLegacy Lawsuit against the Forest Service.

Timberjay (January 12, 2017): USFS OKs PolyMet land exchange, WaterLegacy asked for response to the Forest Service’s approval of the PolyMet Land Exchange.


Duluth News Tribune (November 11, 2016): How could a Trump presidency affect mining?, Minnesota conservationists speculate on how PEOTUS could affect mining issues in the state.

Pioneer Press (November 3, 2016): PolyMet applies for permit to build Minnesota copper mine, Announcement and details of PolyMet’s permit to mine application and issues with it.

Star Tribune (November 1, 2016): Diadra Louise Decker Obituary, Obituary for WaterLegacy founder and former Board President.

KARE11 (October 18, 2016): MN board to consider health impacts of mining plans, Mentions plan of MAFP to testify at MN EQB about sulfide mining health impacts.

Duluth Reader (August 11, 2016): Minnesota’s lax pollution control meets PolyMet’s 500 year pollution threat, More on EPA’s investigation into Minnesota mining regulations and how it relates to PolyMet.

The Circle (August 5, 2016): Protecting our water, Details the EPA’s investigation into Minnesota’s failure to enforce mining regulations.

The Christian Science Monitor (July 20, 2016): Minnesota mine, environmentalists face off over wild rice, Details debate over MPCA wild rice rules.

Duluth News Tribune (July 19, 2016): PCA refines wild rice sulfate rules, State of PCA’s new wild rice rules and issues with them.

Duluth News Tribune (April 7, 2016): Bill exempts Keetac from sulfate standard, Keetac sulfate pollution loophole bill explained.

MPR News (March 25, 2016): MPCA seeks lake-by-lake plan to protect wild rice, MPCA’s plan for a new wild rice rule explained, opposition covered.

MiningJournal (March 5, 2016): Minnesota copper-nickel mine clears major hurdle, DNR approval, pushback from environmental groups described.

MEP Loon Commons (March 4, 2016): Real analysis of PolyMet sulfide mine starts today—Speak up to oppose permits, Call for public comments criticizing PolyMet’s final EIS.

Pioneer Press (March 3, 2016): DNR approves final environmental review for contentious PolyMet mine, DNR approval, pushback from environmental groups described.

Duluth News Tribune (March 2, 2016): Mining exploration leases approved by Minnesota Executive Council, Land opened up for mining exploration explained.

Capitol Report (February 22, 2016): Mining PolyMet comments: how agencies decide the facts, Details on the process behind EIS commenting process.

Timberjay (February 11, 2016): National Forest/PolyMet land swap questioned. Analysis of land swap proposal.

Timberjay (January 20, 2016): EPA to look at enforcement allegations, WaterLegacy’s petition to the EPA and EPA progress described.

Duluth News Tribune (January 20, 2016): Feds will examine state pollution permits for mines, WaterLegacy’s petition to the EPA and EPA progress described.

MPRnews (January 19, 2016): EPA agrees to investigate how MPCA regulates iron mining, WaterLegacy’s petition to the EPA and EPA progress described.


Duluth News Tribune (December 22, 2015): EPA signals support for PolyMet review, Describes EPA potential concerns about PolyMet permits.

CBS Minnesota (December 22, 2015): PolyMet critic says EPA has authority to decide mine’s fate, EPA’s remaining questions about PolyMet project described.

Star Tribune: (December 22, 2015): Counterpoint: Yes, it’s time—to uphold, not raise sulfide limits, Argument for upholding current sulfide limits made.

Timberjay (December 16, 2015): Attorney: Permitting PolyMet would violate federal law, flaws in PolyMet FEIS described.

Duluth News Tribune (December 8, 2015): No human health study for PolyMet mine, Dayton’s decision against calling for health impact assessment and pushback described.

MinnPost (November 30, 2015): Minnesota’s permit for Northshore mine expansion riles tribes, environmental groups, Opposition to permit for Northshore described.

Fergus Falls Journal (November 28, 2015): Minnesota prepares for legal fight over PolyMet mine. Overview of controversy surrounding PolyMet.

Herald Review (November 16, 2015): More Challenges to PolyMet EIS, Overview of controversy surrounding the PolyMet EIS described.

Duluth News Tribune (November 6, 2015): PolyMet final environmental review made public, EIS process and controversy described.

The Uptake (October 13, 2015): Stop PolyMet Rally, Video coverage of Stop PolyMet Rally.

Timberjay (October 7, 2015): Mining vs. Water, Dunka mine site’s environmental impact described.

Timberjay (October 7, 2015): Lawyer cites PolyMet’s “Secrets and Lies”, Paula Maccabee’s presentation in Ely described.

Minnesota Laywer (October 1, 2015): Mine Craft: Paula Maccabee on law in the age of PolyMet, Paula Maccabee’s work against PolyMet described.

StarTribune (August 26, 2015): Counterpoint: “Modern mining” isn’t the plan here, Flaws in PolyMet’s proposed project explained.

Al Jazeera America (August 23, 2015): In Minnesota, fight between mining and environment gets personal, Flaws in Twin Metals’ and PolyMet mine proposals described.

MinnPost (July 15, 2015): Citing MPCA weakness, group asks feds to step in on mining’s water pollution, WaterLegacy’s petition to EPA described.

Timberjay (July 8, 2015): Group asks EPA to regulate state mining industry, WaterLegacy’s petition to EPA described.

Minnesota Lawyer (June 4, 2015): People and Practices, MPHA award coverage.

Pioneer Press (May 15, 2015): Deal reached over Minnesota wild rice standards, MPCA’s decision on sulfate limits described.

Duluth News Tribune (April 23, 2015): DNR: Northshore mine expansion doesn’t need full environmental study, DNR’s decision against a full EIS explained.

MinnPost (March 25, 2015): MPCA seeks lake-by-lake plan to protect wild rice, Proposed MPCA wild rice rule explained.

Star Tribune (March 24, 2015): Minnesota floats complicated plan for wild rice rule, Proposed MPCA wild rice rule explained.

Star Tribune (February 11, 2015): Counterpoint: The science is clear: protect our wild rice, Sulfide limits to protect wild rice defended.

Star Tribune (January 11, 2015): EPA pushes for tougher limits on Minntac’s Iron Range waste pit, EPA’s criticism of mining waste regulations covered.

MinnPost (January 9, 2015): Duluth treatment plant’s draft permit draws environmental concerns, MPCA’s permitting of wastewater treatment plan covered.


Charles Stewart Mott Foundation (December 3, 2014): Finding common ground to protect freshwater resources, Sulfide mining controversy described.

Duluth News Tribune (November 7, 2014): Doctor’s view: On PolyMet, the priority is health, Health impacts of sulfide mining described.

Star Tribune (November 1, 2014): Environmental battle looms on proposed taconite expansion near Babbitt, Northshore Mining’s expansion described.

MinnPost (October 31, 2014): Northshore Mining and environmentalists square off over proposed mine expansion, Issues with Northshore Mining’s expansion described.

MinnPost (October 24, 2014): Why the proposed PolyMet mine needs a formal health risk assessment, Health experts’ call for health assessment described.

Duluth News Tribune (October 20, 2014): Groups want health risk study of PolyMet project, Health experts’ call for health assessment described.

StarTribune (May 24, 2014): Tribal efforts, influence on environmental policy grow, Role of tribes in environmental movement in Minnesota described.

MinnPost (May 23, 2014): Tribal efforts—and influence—on environmental policy growing, Role of tribes in environmental movement in Minnesota described.

StarTribune (March 11, 2014): EPA reverses decision to grant variance from water quality standards for Mesabi Nugget plant, EPA’s disapproval of Mesabi Nugget’s water quality permit described.

Mesabi Daily News (February 11, 2014): St. Paul PolyMet hearing feisty, Coverage of legislature debate about PolyMet project.

StarTribune (January 28, 2014): Questions raised on key data for PolyMet mine, Environmental review process and controversy described. 


StarTribune (December 18, 2013): State releases long-awaited impact statement for PolyMet mine, opens public comment period, Overview of debate, announcement of comment period.

Eco-Shock Radio (December 9, 2013): Interview With Paula Maccabee. Overview of PolyMet Project. 

WCCO (August 15, 2013): EPA Accused of Watering Down Letter on Minn. Mine, MN environmental orgs criticize EPA findings.