Protect Minnesota’s life-giving waters

Protecting Minnesota’s waters and communities that rely on them, particularly from the proposed PolyMet/Glencore sulfide mine and attempted water quality standard rollbacks.

What’s at Stake?

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Responsible mining? Minnesota has a long way to go. | MinnPost

PolyMet/Glencore mine fails Responsible Mining 101. Read this powerful commentary and weep. Then, please add your voice to Janet and Bill’s at MinnPost. Join the movement to stop sulfide mining pollution and destruction in Minnesota.


PolyMet water permit heads back to Court of Appeals | The Timberjay

Read an in-depth analysis of the recent PolyMet water pollution permit decision:
“The proceedings before Judge Guthmann confirmed that high-level MPCA officials wanted EPA staff to delay submitting written comments, which they knew were critical of the draft permit they planned to issue to PolyMet. The judge also found evidence that MPCA was motivated in large part by concern over the press attention that critical EPA comments might generate.”

“I was 95% sure PolyMet would happen. Well, you and your partners have forced a recalculation of those odds. Of course, the battle is not over, but the recent legal victories are huge, and I couldn’t imagine them a decade ago. I’m delighted and heartened that our donations are so effectively deployed. Thank you!” – Peter Leschak

“WaterLegacy has been in this fight right from the beginning. It’s been strong, smart and has solidified the resistance to copper mining. That’s why I make a monthly contribution.” – Barton Sutter
“Volunteering with WaterLegacy has been a great opportunity to learn about the threat posed by sulfide mining, as well as better development alternatives for our water-rich state. And talking to the public about these issues feels a lot better than sitting at home wringing my hands!” – Hannah Baxter

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