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Current Fact Sheets

Proposed site of the PolyMet copper-nickel sulfide mine

PolyMet Pollution Permit Investigation Fact Sheet – Read all the breaking news about what’s been going on with the PolyMet Permit Scandal and the ensuing investigation.

PolyMet Impacts on Environmental Justice, Human Health and Climate Fact Sheet – Find out how PolyMet’s centuries of waste and pollution and its proposed location in sensitive wetlands and tribal Ceded Territories would result in threats to human health from mercury contamination of fish, disproportionate impacts on environmental justice communities, and massive climate change harm.

Sulfide Mining Issues Briefing Fact sheet- Learn how copper-nickel mining in sulfide ore poses a new and unique threat to Minnesota’s Lake Superior, Rainy River (Boundary Waters) and Mississippi River watersheds and communities.

PolyMet and Glencore Fact Sheet – Describes PolyMet’s relationship with Glencore, a notorious multinational corporation ranked among the world’s worst due to environmental violations, bribery and corruption. Explains PolyMet’s dependence on Glencore for financing and Glencore’s management influence and right to purchase PolyMet production.

Protecting Minnesota Clean Water and Wild Rice from Sulfate Pollution Fact Sheet –Learn about the science supporting sulfate pollution control, the importance of wild rice, the Minnesota laws adopted to regulate sulfate pollution, the undue influence of the mining industry in opposing pollution controls, and the need to make progress in controlling sulfate pollution.

Non-Ferrous Metals Recycling Fact Sheet — Did you know that recycling can provide the U.S. with the copper and nickel we need for cellphones and other technology — with less impact to the environment? Learn more here.

WaterLegacy and Sulfide Mining Fact Sheet – Describes WaterLegacy’s mission, outlines its unique and award-winning advocacy and provides important information on the sulfide mining and the PolyMet project – Minnesota’s first proposed copper-nickel mine.

Background Fact Sheets

Acid mine drainage from underground mining of copper and other metals in a Canadian stream

Wild Rice and Sulfate Background Fact Sheet (2015) Learn basic facts about wild rice and Minnesota’s water quality rule limiting sulfates to 10 parts per million to protect wild rice.

PolyMet Supplemental Draft EIS Fact Sheet (2014) — Learn what the Supplemental Draft EIS disclosed about how waste from PolyMet’s proposed open pit sulfide mine and waste dumps would threaten Minnesota’s clean water, public health, and natural resources.

PolyMet Long-Term Treatment Fact Sheet (2014) — See how the wording about long term water treatment in PolyMet’s Mine Plan was changed through various environmental drafts in order to minimize this critical pollution problem.

Check out our Video page to learn more about the PolyMet proposal, and protecting water quality and Minnesota communities from sulfide mining.

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