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PolyMet land exchange provision defeated in conference committee

The PolyMet Land Exchange Rider was KEPT OFF the National Defense Spending Bill (NDAA) conference report that will soon be voted on by Congress.

The PolyMet Rider would have denied Minnesota citizens due process to challenge the land swap as illegal under long-standing public lands and environmental laws. This is a victory for justice and common sense. But we must stay vigilant that a similar bad Rider is not tacked onto other spending bills.

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Group seeks another environmental review for PolyMet mine

Paula Maccabee, an attorney for WaterLegacy, says critical details have changed so much since what was supposed to be the final review that a supplemental environmental impact statement is needed, particularly if PolyMet wants to expand the mine.

WaterLegacy also cites Swiss commodities giant Glencore, the largest investor in PolyMet, which was recently ordered to give the U.S. Justice Department documents relating to compliance with corruption and money laundering rules stemming from activities in Africa and Venezuela.

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“It’s a Time to Speak Up”: Paula Maccabee Talks to WDIO in Duluth

We are seeing, all across America, that Government is starting to work only for the very top-most powerful corporations and not for the rest of us. A Government that was working for the rest of us would be looking for sustainable economics in Northeastern Minnesota and looking at protecting Minnesota’s most precious resource, which is the quality of our fresh water.”

WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel, Paula Maccabee spoke to WDIO at last week’s PolyMet permit hearings in Duluth about the need for recycling over mining and the crucial moment we’re in for the future of Minnesota’s clean water.

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