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PolyMet water permit heads back to Court of Appeals | The Timberjay

September 9, 2020

The proceedings before Judge Guthmann confirmed that high-level MPCA officials wanted EPA staff to delay submitting written comments, which they knew were critical of the draft permit they planned to issue to PolyMet. The judge also found evidence that MPCA was motivated in large part by concern over the press attention that critical EPA comments might generate.

Responsible mining? Minnesota has a long way to go. | MinnPost

August 21, 2020
Minnesota’s existing taconite mining industry lags far behind when it comes to modern responsible mining standards. Not one existing taconite mine meets water-quality standards required by the federal Clean Water Act. All existing tailings basins and mine pits leak pollution — including sulfate, which has devastated natural wild rice stands, resulted in algae growth, and increased toxic mercury bioaccumulation and contamination of fish.


High Court: Underground seepage from Minntac subject to regulation

The Timberjay| July 30, 2020

Important News on U.S. Steel Minntac tailings basin pollution: The Minnesota Supreme Court, citing the April [U.S. Supreme Court] case, known as County of Maui v. Hawaii Wildlife Fund, determined that the state’s Court of Appeals had erred when it rejected the claim of environmental groups that the polluted groundwater emanating from the tailings basin was not subject to regulation.

Conflicted Over Copper: PolyMet copper-nickel mine has been trapped in litigation

Great Lakes Now | June 12, 2020

When Paula Maccabee got involved with the PolyMet project in 2009, she said there was already “a lot of understanding of the importance of protecting the Boundary Waters and really no investment of resources, timing, organizing and advocacy in protecting the Lake Superior watershed. We realized that the first proposed mine was taking advantage of that gap.”

Mining politics stall money for Minnesota tribe's water treatment project

StarTribune | June 11, 2020

Although she said she doesn’t speak for the tribe, Paula Maccabee, an attorney for WaterLegacy, a Minnesota nonprofit focused on water quality, called the IRRRB’s actions political posturing.

“The project is necessary for drinkable water,” she said. “You can’t bully people who seek to exercise their First Amendment rights. Using the courts is part of democracy. Just because you’re asking people to do a better job doesn’t mean you want to shut them down,” Maccabee said.

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WaterLegacy is an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit grassroots organization founded in 2009 to protect Minnesota waters and the communities that rely on them, particularly from sulfide mining pollution. Most of WaterLegacy’s board members live and work in northern Minnesota.

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