Journey to Protect Minnesota Waters: Revealing the Contested PolyMet Mine Site

Want to see for yourself what’s at stake if the proposed PolyMet open pit copper-nickel mine is permitted in Northern Minnesota? Watch this new documentary shot on the proposed PolyMet mine location on Minnesota’s Partridge River in the Lake Superior Basin.

Featured in this 14-minute video filmed by Robin Heil are interviews with Fond du Lac elder, Ricky W. DeFoe, WaterLegacy advocacy director Paula Maccabee and forester Matt Tyler; and original music by Twin Cities guitarist Timothy ”Brother Timothy” Frantzich and Powwow Singer Algin Garyt Goodsky as well as the breathtaking scenery of the Partridge River in the Lake Superior watershed.

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Minnesota Doctors Urge Assessment of Sulfide Mining Health Impacts

Dr. Emily Onello from the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians gives testimony at the October 19, 2016 meeting of the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board urging them to include human Health Impact Assessments in the state’s environmental review process for proposed sulfide mining projects.

100% Failure: Not Worth the Risk

WaterLegacy Advocacy Director and Counsel, Paula Maccabee, talks about the abysmal record of sulfide mining in water-rich environments to the crowd at a June 29, 2016 event about Extreme Extraction in Minnesota.

What is “Sulfide Mining”?

The mining industry hates the term, but Paula Maccabee explains why “sulfide mine” is a much more appropriate way to describe PolyMet’s proposed project than “copper-nickel mine”.

PolyMet: A Legacy of Pollution

Will PolyMet be able to capture and treat pollution at their proposed NE Minnesota sulfide mine as effectively as they claim? Geology, history, logic and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency studies say “NO”.