FACT Sheets

Facts about Sulfide Mining

WaterLegacy invites you to read, copy and post, print, or otherwise share the facts with your communities, especially those who stand to be most directly affected by the proposed new mining for copper, nickel, and other metals in sulfur-bearing rock.

  • WaterLegacy and Sulfide Mining Fact Sheet – Describes WaterLegacy’s mission, outlines its unique and effective advocacy,  Offers basic sulfide mining information.
  • PolyMet Briefing Card – Summary on the PolyMet sulfide mine and waste dumps and the Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS) expected 4th quarter, 2013.  Contains understandable  facts about the proposed PolyMet NorthMet sulfide mine and waste dumps. Share this with your friends and neighbors to help them understand the risk to Minnesota’s clean waters and public health and how to comment in the environmental review process.
  • PolyMet Water Resources Fact Sheet — Find out how waste from PolyMet’s proposed open pit sulfide mine and waste dumps threaten Minnesota’s clean water, public health, and natural resources.
  • Economic Fact Sheet — Learn  the real economic benefits and risks of sulfide mining to Northeastern Minnesota and some unexpected facts avout the PolyMet sulfide mine proposal.
  • Recycling Fact Sheet  Did you know that recycling can provide the U.S. with the copper and nickel we need for cellphones and other technology — with less impact to the environment? Learn more here.
  • Wild Rice Sulfate Fact Sheet Sulfide mining also threatens natural wild rice. WaterLegacy intervened in a lawsuit filed by the mining industry to strike down the sulfate pollution standard that protects natural wild rice. We won our case and preserved the standard in district court and at the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Learn more about the wild rice standard and why the standard is critical to limit sulfide mining pollution, protect natural wild rice, and prevent brain damage to infants and children resulting from bioaccumulation of methylmercury in fish.


Become a member of WaterLegacy so we can keep you informed about sulfide mining and let you know how you can act to protect Minnesota’s clean water resources.


WaterLegacy needs volunteers. Please proposed contact our Northern Coordinator, Allen Richardson, at allen [at] waterlegacy.org if you would like to volunteer or help plan an event to reach out to members of your community and help them learn more about sulfide mining and the PolyMet NorthMet sulfide mine and its waste dumps.