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Artist: Fendrick & Peck

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Autumn 2016

Chosen by Rich Warren, Chicago Folk Radio Guru, as CD of the Week.

Included is a 12 page collage style booklet with lyrics to all songs and notes from the field, it’s easy to make a cup of tea, put the album in a player, open your heart, and travel with Brian and Madeline as they create and share these songs.

1. Ribbon of Wind
2. Be Still
3. The Sandhill Crane
4. Open My Eyes
5. Heart With Wings
6. Women Across the River
7. Away From the Road
8. Old Swimming Hole
9. Whitethroat Song
10. Old Pine Woman
11. The Sandhill Crane Reprise

Madeline Fendrick: vocals; mandolin; guitar
Brian Peck: vocals; guitar; mandolin; fiddle; bass guitar; electric guitar
Joe Savage: pedal steel guitar; weissenborn guitar
Dean Magraw: guitar
Brother Timothy: accordion; maraca; vocals

Recorded in Minneapolis, MN
Produced by Tim Frantzich (Brother Timothy)
Engineered by Rob Genadek

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