Early Drafts of PolyMet’s Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (SDEIS)

Development Versions of the PolyMet NorthMet SDEIS

The Lead Agencies released a Preliminary Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement (PSDEIS) in May 2013. This complete version is available below. The Lead Agencies have also provided a version showing proposed edits  and a “certification review” draft, which is the most recent version available, in response to State Data Practices Act requests.

“Certification Review” October 2013 – Complete Most Recent Draft

In October 2013, the Lead Agencies provided what they call the “Certification Review” copy of the SDEIS. This is not a final version. It is the version that the agencies are reviewing prior to release to the public. This version does not highlight changes from the prior version.

“Track Changes” September 2013 – Selected Chapters

In September 2013, the Lead Agencies disclosed their proposed changes to the PSDEIS with “track changes” edits provided on the drafts. The following selected chapters from this “track changes” version highlight some of the recommended changes in the PSDEIS:

PolyMet’s PSDEIS

The preliminary draft for PolyMet’s SDEIS was prepared in May 2013. This document was provided to various members of the public through a State Data Practices Act request.

You can read the complete PSDEIS here:

       You can find the full DEIS on MDNR website and more  EIS information on this site.

Federal, State and Tribal agencies have provided comments on the PSDEIS, identifying concerns about the completeness and objectivity of the analysis and about the environmental risks of the project.

EPA Comments on the Current Version of PolyMet Environmental Review

PolyMet represented to the press in August 2013 that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) had endorsed the PSDEIS and the PolyMet sulfide mine project. The actual comment letter from the EPA on August 7, 2013 identified many concerns about the analysis provided in the PSDEIS and the potential impacts of PolyMet’s open-pit sulfide mine, waste rock heaps and tailings basin on water quality and compliance with the Clean Water Act.

Read actual EPA August 7, 2013 comments.

WaterLegacy also received draft comments prepared by the EPA on the PSDEIS in response to a State Data Practices Act request in July 2013. These draft EPA comments contained yet a clearer statement of concerns about water quality:

It appears that the project as proposed and analyzed in the (current EIS draft) may still result in water quality impacts that exceed water quality standards. We also note several areas where the lack of detailed analyses and detailed information on mitigation prevent the document from ruling out other water quality and quantity issues. These issues have been raised with the co-lead agencies numerous times.

Read EPA Draft Comments produced in a Data Practices Act request in July 2013.