Become a WaterLegacy Champion

Would you like to be engaged in WaterLegacy’s work to protect Minnesota waters on a deeper level? Sign up here to be a WaterLegacy Champion.

How will you benefit from being a WaterLegacy Champion?
  • You will receive quarterly insider briefings from Paula Maccabee. You will learn about recent events and updates on the project, as well as have time to ask questions. We will invite you to face-to-face meetings or set up a call-in number.
  • You can become an advisor to Emma Schurink, our Engagement Coordinator for events, projects, education and outreach opportunities, etc. We may not be able to incorporate all of your suggestions and ideas, but we want to do our best. Your ideas are important! You will be connected to a google spreadsheet to add your ideas as you have them.
  • Become part of an inner circle to communicate with other enhanced members.
  • Receive a beautiful (free) WaterLegacy t-shirt when you sign up.
How can you become a WaterLegacy Champion?
  • Commit to yearly dues of $30. Of course, you are welcome to contribute more financially whenever you are willing and able to do so.
  • Commit to join us in at least two volunteer opportunities throughout the year (table at events, call members to invite them to events, etc.)
  • Share your ideas for building community engagement with us and spread the word in person and through social networks about WaterLegacy events and calls to action.
Become a WaterLegacy Champion today!
  • Commit to $30 in yearly dues.
  • Participate in one or more of our subcommittees.
    1. Tablers – People who like to talk about the issue and engage citizens at events.
    2. Advocates – People who are willing to make calls and/or write letters to editors, politicians, or agencies or to come to hearings.
    3. Callers – People who are comfortable with speaking on the phone and encouraging other members to come to an event, volunteer, donate, etc.
    4. Connecters – People who are connected with other organizations or personal networks and can link WaterLegacy and our work with your group and engage new people to sign up as supporters and follow our Facebook page.