Take Action: Oppose Raid on Environmental Trust

Minnesota voters approved the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund in 1988. Over the years, the fund has invested over $700 million research and conservation projects across the state. But now, all of that is at risk.

Although a bill to approve Environmental Trust Funds recommended by the majority of the citizens committee is moving forward in the House, the Minnesota Senate has announced they don’t intend to pass a bill this year. Instead, they would raid the Fund next year to pay for infrastructure that should be part of Minnesota’s regular budget.

Please join us in taking action to protect dedicated environmental funding in Minnesota. Email your legislator today to support the Trust Fund bill and projects that protect clean water, human health and natural habitats for the future.

Please take an extra minute to customize your email. Policymakers want to know that you are not a robot and that you personally care about the Trust Fund.

  1. Please add a first sentence to the email about yourself. You can describe your family, your work, or any reason you care about protecting clean water and natural resources.
  2. Please mention any specific project(s) you care about or add a sentence about why you care about the Environmental Trust Fund as a whole.

Here are a few of the projects this year you might mention that would go unfunded if the Senate remains stuck on “NO”:

  • Research on chloride, PFAS and microplastic toxic threats to the Mississippi River;
  • Research to determine if Covid-19 viruses can be spread through wastewater systems.
  • Habitat restoration on more than 1,000 acres of Minnesota most unique and rare scientific and natural areas.
  • Creation of natural pollinator habitats.
  • Control of invasive carp to preserve fishing and aquatic life in Minnesota lakes and rivers.