Save Our Water Quality Standards – Don’t Let MPCA Gut Our Rules

Here they go again.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is pushing for yet another rulemaking rollback to protect the State’s largest dischargers of pollutants – mines, coal plants and other large industrial plants.

This time MPCA is taking aim at the Class 3 (industrial) and Class 4 (agriculture) standards that have been Minnesota’s only numeric limits on hardness, dissolved salts (including sulfate) and specific conductance ionic pollution.

Why do we need these standards? They apply to all waters, including lakes and streams for fish. Dissolved salts and ionic pollution kill sensitive aquatic insects and fish, including trout. Sulfates increase mercury methylation, harming the developing brains of fetuses and infants. Hardness increases zebra mussel invasive species. And all of these pollutants affect breweries, vegetable farms and all sorts of businesses across the state that depend on clean water.

Please comment today and tell MPCA you want stronger regulations so big corporate polluters will pay to treat their own discharge, rather than contaminating our water and forcing downstream communities to clean up after them. Feel free to edit or add your own comments to the letter below.