Lend Your Support to New Fond du Lac Band Water Quality Standards

The Fond du Lac Band of the Lake Superior Chippewa, exercising its sovereignty and its authority under the federal Clean Water Act, has proposed to strengthen the Band’s water quality standards to increase protection for wild rice, fish and other plants and animals culturally important to the Band. This is part of a review required every three years for any State and for any Tribe that has “treatment as a state” under the Clean Water Act. For more information, please refer to the website for Fond du Lac Band Revised Water Quality Standards or read WaterLegacy’s Tribal Clean Water Act page.

The Fond du Lac Band is receiving comments and will hold a public hearing in mid-November. Comments from members of the public will go to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which must approve the Band’s water quality standards for them to go into effect.

Your comments are important. It is likely that industrial polluters will oppose all or part of the Band’s water quality standards revisions.

Please send your comment today to support clean water and the sovereign authority of the Fond du Lac Band to protect its resources and community. Feel free to add your own perspective to the comment letter below: