Don’t Let MPCA Strip Water Pollution Protections from the Dark River Trout Stream

Sulfate, salts and ionic pollution kill sensitive aquatic insects and destroy the aquatic food chain for fish, including trout. There is no dispute about the science.

Yet, the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) is now proposing to remove regulation of sulfate, salts, and ionic pollution from the Dark River trout stream.

Why? Because a mining company doesn’t want to pay the costs of controlling its pollution.

It is a dirty secret that Minnesota water pollution rules are weak and out-of-date. The only limits on toxic pollutants, like sulfate and other salts, in trout streams and other (Class 2) waters supporting fish are based on standards to protect drinking water (Class 1), industry (Class 3) and agriculture (Class 4).

If the “use classifications” for drinking water, industry, and agriculture are stripped away from trout streams and other waters supporting fish, dischargers will have no standards limiting their ability to pollute and decimate aquatic life.

ACT TODAY to tell MPCA to protect trout and other Minnesota fish and to prevent toxic pollution. Feel free to add your own comments or to submit the sample comment letter below.

Written comments can also be submitted to:

Carol Nankivel
Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
520 Lafayette Road North, St. Paul, Minnesota, 55155-4194