Which Waters Near the Proposed PolyMet Project are "Wild Rice Waters"?

December 2011

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is recommending that certain waters near the PolyMet NorthMet mine site and LTV tailings basin should be considered “waters used for the production of wild rice” in environmental review and permitting for purposes of applying the sulfate water quality standard. Data, including that collected by PolyMet’s own consultants, suggests that the MPCA recommendation is too narrow.

WaterLegacy’s comment on designation of Wild Rice Waters around PolyMet





The MPCA staff recommendation and maps prepared by tribal consultants and obtained from the MPCA are provided here for reference.

MPCA Staff recommendatioin for designated Wild Rice waters




In the autumn of 2010, biology teacher and long-standing hunter, fisher, and ricer, Len Anderson and other observers documented the plentiful, healthy natural wild rice beds in the Partridge River upstream compared with downstream from decades of mine wastewater discharges. Read WaterLegacy’s  Preserve Minnesota’s Wild Rice Standard.report.


Len Anderson:  Wild Rice Ailing
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