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Hold Sulfide Mining Companies Financially Responsible for Toxic Pollution

June 2017
Across the country, taxpayers have paid hundreds of millions of dollars when sulfide mines go bankrupt to avoid pollution cleanup costs. 
U.S. EPA has drafted financial responsibility rules to require sulfide mining companies to provide funds up front to clean up polluted and abandoned mines. The mining industry and other polluters strongly oppose rules to hold them accountable for their toxic pollution.
Your comments are needed now (before July 11) to protect clean water, citizens, and taxpayers.

Keep the “Contested Case” for Mining Permits

May 2017

What are the mining companies trying to cover up in Minnesota?

Mining lobbyists want to restrict your right to a "contested case" to challenge a mining permit. Bills at the Legislature would limit the rights of Minnesota citizens to an independent hearing in front of an administrative law judge to challenge facts like dam safety and financial protection of taxpayers from mining pollution costs.

Ask Governor Dayton to VETO any proposal to take away citizen rights to challenge mine permits in a "contested case."


Tell the MPCA to Protect the Environment

April 2017


Would you like to give the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) a piece of your mind?

The MPCA is asking citizens and stakeholders – you – to help shape the environmental protection strategy.

This is your chance to tell the MPCA, in your own words, that their job is to protect the environment, not to provide greater convenience to polluters. It takes about two minutes.


Ask for a Hearing to Protect Minnesota Streams and Fish

January 2017

Please help ensure that a hearing is held on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s proposed TALU (tiered aquatic life use) rules. 

Adoption of these rules would downgrade more than 100 waters to “Modified Use," reducing incentives to protect or restore these waters so that they support aquatic life. In addition, changes in the Agency’s proposed rules are needed to ensure that exceptional trout streams and other great fishing waters are protected.

Deadline February 2nd!

Make the Boundary Waters Off-Limits to Sulfide Mining!

January 2017


Your action is needed now to tell the Federal Government that you support making the Boundary Waters watershed off-limits for sulfide mining for at least 20 years and to provide guidance for environmental review of sulfide mining risks. Copper-nickel mining has a track record of toxic water pollution and poses an unacceptable risk to Northeastern Minnesota’s priceless waters. 
Please send your comment letter to the U.S. Forest Service no later than August 11, 2017. The Forest Service will forward comments to the Bureau of Land Management, which is also part of the decision process. 

Require that Minntac meets Minnesota's pollution standards to protect clean water!

December 2016

Act now to stop decades of illegal pollution from the Minntac Tailings Basin. Comment deadline extended to December 23, 2016.
The Minntac Tailings Basin has polluted Minnesota waters in violation of Minnesota laws and the federal Clean Water Act for a quarter of a century. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) has failed to do its job and limit Minntac pollution. 

After decades of inaction, WaterLegacy’s petition to withdraw authority to regulate water pollution and a lawsuit, the MPCA has proposed a draft wastewater permit for Minntac tailings pollution. But, this is a weak and inadequate permit that would not require Minntac to comply with either Minnesota surface water quality standards or limits on groundwater pollution.
Please tell the MPCA to hold US Steel accountable today and rewrite the Minntac Tailings Basin permit to control toxic pollution and protect clean water, wild rice, fish, and human health. 

Help Change Rules to Require a Health Impact Assessment of Toxic Sulfide Mining Pollution

October 2016
No Health Impact Assessment has been done for the PolyMet sulfide mine proposed for Minnesota, despite requests made by more than 30,000 Minnesota doctors, nurses and public health professionals who spend their lives caring for the health of our community
Now, you can help change Minnesota rules so that an independent analysis of human health risks is mandatory for any sulfide mine. The Minnesota Environmental Quality Board is considering whether to change the rules and require a Health Impact Assessment as part of environmental review of any sulfide mine. Tell the State that the rules must be changed to protect Minnesotans from toxic sulfide mine pollution.

Tell State Officials to List and Clean Up Minnesota Waters Polluted with Mercury and Sulfate

August 2016
Cleaning up polluted waters starts with our State’s “Impaired Waters” list. This list must be updated every two years and used to limit pollution, do scientific studies and set controls to clean up Minnesota’s polluted waters.
But Minnesota is dragging its feet on doing studies that set limits to clean up mercury contamination of fish. The MPCA has also refused to list any wild rice waters impaired due to sulfate pollution. 
Tell our State officials to list and clean up mercury and sulfate-polluted waters. And ask the EPA to step in and protect our Minnesota waters, wild rice and human health if Minnesota officials fail to do their job. 

Tell the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: We Need Environmental Justice Now!

July 2016
In the wake of Flint, Michigan and unfair burdens on health in minority, low-income and tribal communities across the nation, it is time for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take strong action to protect environmental justice. 
This spring, the EPA released its EJ 2020 Action Agenda that is intended to provide a “strategic plan” for environmental justice. The EPA needs to hear from us: first, that we appreciate that they are talking about justice and, second, that their plan needs to actually change rules, permits, funding and public engagement to reduce the burden of pollution, contamination, and destruction of natural resources in EJ communities. 
Please act today to tell EPA it’s time to walk the walk, not just talk about justice.

Tell the Forest Service: Deny Lease Renewals for Sulfide Mining near BWCA

June 2016
The U.S. Forest Service is considering denial of Twin Metals' request to renew expired federal mineral leases for development of sulfide mining on tribal Ceded Territories near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.
It’s crucial that we seize this opportunity tell the Forest Service that sulfide mining poses unacceptable risks to Minnesota water resources and communities. Please sign and share this petition calling upon the Forest Service to protect the Boundary Waters and tribal resources by denying renewal of Twin Metals’ leases for toxic copper-nickel mining.